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Blood and Cutz

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    **Note** This is a raw product with no flavor. Should be paired with Pre-Dominant and/or Accentuate.

    Vigor Nutrition and Cutz collaborated to create a supplement that is the first of its kind...Blood And Cutz!

    Blood and Cutz is a mix of carbs and an extremely potent Vasodilator.

    One of the ingredients it has is Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. HBCD is the best carb powder to hit the market! There are many carb drinks available but what makes this different is its low osmolality and molecular weight that allows a rapid gastric emptying and fast absorption. You don’t have to worry about digesting it during your workout and getting bloated. It goes directly Into your muscles for fast recovery.  During your workout, your body is battling with muscle protein breakdown and muscle protein synthesis. Cyclic dextrin mixed with ACCENTUATE can help muscle protein synthesis(something John meadows and Dr. Scott Stevenson has been preaching for a long time). In addition, during a workout, when ATP is burned, an enzyme called AMP kinase goes up. This causes Mtor, the key that turns on protein synthesis, to turn off. Carbs like cyclic dextrin can help prevent that from happening. 

    There are two important things for building muscle and its intensity during a workout and the other is cell swelling (the pump). We added a few other supplements to help increase the two. Agmatine sulfate (helps boost nitric oxide so that nutrients such as the cyclic dextrin and baca can travel even faster for crazier pumps. It’s a pain fighter also so you can push even harder in your workouts to increase intensity), a superior form of arginine AAKG (nitric oxide), Creatine HCL (helps with strength and muscle cell volume without preloading like monohydrate), and Citrulline Malate (nitric oxide production, longer workouts, reduce muscular soreness, and better recovery. 

    All these ingredients allow you to train more intense and create the craziest pumps! This combined with the cyclic dextrin equals to nothing but GAINS in the gym!


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